The Virtual Theater

The Virtual Theater is an open installation, that hosts researchers and students which aim to develop their studies in the Virtual Reality field, or to implement new visual and interactive visualization methods.
We aim to collaborate with other Faculties and Departments, and also with other Virtual Reality research groups in the world.

The Virtual Theater is located near the Eidomatics Lab and PHT Lab, please go to the "Contacts and Directions" sections for details.

The room:

The Virtual Theater is placed in a 100 sqm room (height 4,70 m). The room can host up to 35 users. Behind the Theater, there is a control room that hosts the Eidomatics Laboratory and the researchers involved in the VR projects. Near the control room there is a small air conditioned room with servers, workstations and control devices.

The screen:

The curved, semi-cylindrical screen has an height of 2,70 m, with a radius of 3 m and arc length of 8 m. The screen is covered with a highly reflective white paint.

The projectors:

The four BARCO Sim5 Plus projectors are mounted on two metallic chassis. The projectors are organized in two horizontal couples, each projecting a 2416 x 1050 image, covering a field of view of 120° horizontally and of 90° vertically, from an observation distance of 3 m.

Stereoscopic visualization:

In stereoscopic visualization mode, one couple of projectors projects the image corresponding to the right eye, the other projects the image for the left eye. The technology for stereo visualization is based on the INFITECTM filters. Passive stereoscopic visualization is achieved by a NVIDIA QuadroTM graphic board.

Controller and audio system:

The projection system is controlled using a video matrix with 8 inputs and 8 outputs. The Virtual Theater setup is controlled by a Crestron touch-screen controller.

Moreover, the Virtual Theater is equipped with a 7.1 Dolby sound system. 

Interaction devices:

The Virtual Theater is equipped with different interaction devices:

  • 5DT data glove
  • Polhemus FASTRAK tracker
  • Wiimote
  • Kinect
  • g.tec g.MobiLab+ BCI device
  • Neurosky Mindset BCI device