In this page we have listed our past and ongoing research activities and projects. Please consider that the website is still under construction, thus the list is not complete at the moment, and also the pages of each research project may not be in the definitive version.

Spatial Color Algorithms (SCAs)

Color can deeply change its characteristics when put and analyzed into its spatial context. This consideration has originated a group of algorithms which aim to change a point according to the whole scene in which the point is observed. The term used to refer to these algorithms is "Spatial Color Algorithms" (SCAs).

In the last years, we proposed several SCAs, based or inspired by Retinex theory of color vision:

  • Brownian Retinex

  • ACE

  • RSR

  • RACE



Previous studies on stereoscopic acuity have shown that the percentage of stereo blind subjects is relevant. Moreover, stereoscopic visualization is becoming widely diffused in different fields, like e.g., entertainment, surgery or VR training, where it is necessary an accurate assessment of stereoscopic abilities of the involved subjects. Therefore, there might be the need of performing a stereo blindness and stereo acuity test before each visualization session involving stereoscopic images. We propose methods to assess stereo blindness and acuity directly on the chosen device, under the same visualization condition and setup adopted for the tasks to perform, in order to have the same perceptual response.

Image Databases (IDBs)

Several IDBs have been presented on the last years to test color constancy and other imaging algorithms. However, each IDB was characterized by choices that can fit or not with the algorithms to test. Our proposed IDBs are characterized by the introduction of different backgrounds with a wide frequency range, a set of different (natural and artificial) illuminants, and images with and without casted shadows.

  • YACCD (Yet Another Color Constancy Database)

  • YACCD2 (Yet Another Color Constancy Database Updated): a renewed version of YACCD with new features in order to make it more suitable to test a wider variety of visual and image processing algorithms.

Digital Movie Restoration

We have proposed an alternative approach to the standard digital color film restoration, based on the idea of recovering the appearance of color rather than the original color signal, since in most of the cases the physical color restoration is not possible due to the lack of original reference or to severe gamut constraint induced by non available original media.

The described approach is based in the application of Spatial Color Algorithms (SCAs).