Rizzi, Alessandro

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Position: Associate Professor Alessandro Rizzi
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  • Bonanomi, C., Marini, D. & Rizzi, A. (2012). From printed color to image appearance: tool for advertising assessment. Journal of Electronic Imaging, 21(3), 033016. [More] 
  • Rizzi, A. & Bonanomi, C (2012). Colour illusions and the human visual system. Colour design: theories and applications. Woodhead Publishing. [More] 
  • Marini, D., Folgieri, R., Gadia, D. & Rizzi, A. (2012). Virtual Reality as a communication process. Virtual Reality, 16(3), 233-241. [More] 
  • Rasheed, S., Gadia, D., Rizzi, A. & Marini, D (2011). Event-related Spectral Analysis of Brain Response produced by Colors Exposed in Multiple Shapes. In Atti della Settima Conferenza Nazionale del Gruppo del Colore. SIOF. [More] 
  • Gadia, D., Rizzi, A., Bonanomi, C., Marini, D., Galmonte, A. & Agostini, T (2011). Color appearance in stereoscopy. In Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XXII, Proc. of IS&T/SPIE's Symposium on Electronic Imaging, pages 78631K. SPIE. [More] 

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